Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Kelley can sing..

I just love this. Her Kindergarten class is doing a Christmas musical, and she is singing the part of Mary. She has 2 decent-sized solos. Her K. teacher, who was formerly a music teacher, thinks she may have perfect pitch.

I find that particularly noteworthy, because when she was born, and we were just beginning to understand what we may have to deal with in being her parents, music was one of the things that I mourned. I thought that, if she was indeed deaf, that I would be excluded from sharing my love of music with her. It saddened me so much.

And here we are, 5 years later, she sings (on pitch!) every chance she gets. Mrs. Hilchen, Kelley's K teacher, said "it's amazing how strong her sense of music is, given that she has hearing loss."

We are so blessed.

Of course, we ran out and bought a video camera. Her program is on Sunday afternoon - I'll post a movie. :)


mania16 said...

Both of your children are adorable!Congratulations!You made me feel much better regarding my son`s RMA. Please please share some more photos of the new ear.Thank you!

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