Saturday, November 29, 2008

We're here!

We're officially in Beverly Hills. We traveled this afternoon and got to the hotel around 7:30. It was tough leaving our little boy. I miss him already.

It was nice, however, to travel with a slightly older Kelley. She was much easier this time. First off - her car seat is half the size. (Backless booster.) That in and of itself made the trip a little smoother. Beyond that, she's just that much older and better able to handle long waits, etc.

Tomorrow morning, we will be calling Dr. Reinisch to schedule a time for a pre-op appointment. I don't think he sleeps. I asked him, "do you sleep?" and he said "not much. I'm up by 5:00."

We aren't.

So, at any rate, we'll be seeing him for a pre-op appointment tomorrow, and then off to The American Girl store. Kelley is beside herself with excitement over that.

Monday is the actual surgery, and I will update about the pre-op. I'll add some pictures of what we are up to. :)

As always, your thoughts, prayers and love is welcomed and appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Keeping you all in my thoughts & prayers. I bet Kelly has a blast at The American Girl store! :)

jules said...

Good luck - we are thinking of you guys!!