Sunday, April 22, 2007

A long awaited picture warning this time!

Healing is going just fantastic. Life is returning to normal around here - which is so nice. Kelley is assuming all of her normal activities, except for swimming at this point. She can submerge her head in water, and bath time is normal, but she's not ready for a swim cap. She needs a swim cap because during her lessons she is learning to put her face in the water and when she comes up for air her hair is in her face. It interrupts the learning.

So, we're thinking that this summer she can start up with swimming again.

Last week we were saying goodnight, and she was feeling an area behind her ear that still has scabs on it. She asked "Why do I have crusty skin back here?" I explained that it was kind of like a chrysalis - that the scab is protecting the new skin growing underneath. Butterfly skin. She liked that explanation.

Her tummy scar looks fantastic, too. You can hardly tell that there was ever a cut made.

Ryan has had a big week - a tooth, his first cereal, almost crawling, and learning to put himself to sleep instead of using me. Our focus has shifted somewhat because of that, and honestly I think Kelley is having to adjust to not having all the attention on her now. We've had some struggles with that this last week, actually. She's getting better all the time, though.

The pictures are ones that I took last Sunday (April 15) and this Sunday (April 22). When she is looking directly at the camera her ear looks amazing. We are really happy with the results so far.

Again - all your thoughts and prayers and support has been amazing. We are blessed.
Cheers all!


Melany aka Supermom said...

WTG Ryan!! He is getting so big. Kelly's ear is looking's so nice to see how well it is healing. Love the way you explained the scab to her ;)

Jodi said...

She looks amazing!! I am so glad she's doing so well!! And yay Ryan! What a big week!

Jodi said...

Would you please update this thing??? ;-P