Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Man, this ESD thing is going to be a quagmire, I can tell already...

Thankfully, the local ESD was very prompt in getting back to me. I made the first call to them on Monday and received two calls back on Tuesday. Here's the problem:

She's almost school age. So, even though at this point she is in the "Early Intervention" age group, by the time they work through their backlog, she won't be any more. Then, once she turns 5, she'll be considered school age and she needs to get a referral from the school in our boundaries. You know, the one we're not going to send her to? Apparently she still qualifies for assessment and then possibly services, but I have a bad feeling that by the time they actually GET to her assessment, school will have already started. If we are going to get her a hearing aid, at this point it's likely we will have to do it through her doctor. The same one that said "go through your local ESD." And heaven only knows if Kaiser/CCN will cover any of it. They aren't exactly known for their flexibility on that front, you know?

The very nice people that I've spoken with at ESD also told me that whether or not she receives a hearing aid from them will be determined likely on a sliding scale based on 'need.' (meaning that people with fewer economic resources are first in line for assistance.) Well, we're very fortunate - we have economic resources. So, the bulk of the cost will likely fall upon us. This after her surgeries, which were MOSTLY covered, but not 100%. Ouch.

I just can't help but wonder how long this will take, and if we are going to have to circumvent the ESD's assessment process so that she can have an aid and be accustomed to wearing it by the time school starts.

So, we have another decent-sized hill to climb.

On the healing front - her scalp thing is mostly healed. We're having a heck of a time keeping the dressing on the one last spot that's not quite healed, but we're working on it. It's actually looking really good for the most part. Still can't tell if hair will grow there.

So, the pictures - Kelley and Ryan started playing with this box that I got from Costco. You know, you can spend $1000 on toys, and there's still nothing quite like a box. The first picture is them playing in it, the second is Kelley "flying" in it, (she called it her 'Box Plane.') And the ladybugs have started showing up on our neighbor's trees, and Kelley just can't stay away from them. I call her The Ladybug Whisperer. :)

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Brigette Weier said...

Karen-read your post-I have some experience with ESD if you need any help let me know! I think even if the hearing aid issue is not totally resolved by school she will do fine close to a teacher for a while-she compensates pretty well. Cute pics of the kiddos! Tell Kelley hi! Love, Miss Brigette