Monday, July 2, 2007

Really bummed today.....

Kelley had a hearing test today, and although she has shown improvement, her doc is recommending that she get a hearing aid through the local ESD. He estimates that she is at a 40% loss on the surgical side. (She's fine on the other). Starting K in the fall she's going to need to be able to orient where sound is coming from as best as she can - and a hearing aid is the best bet.

Upon reading through the ESD website, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and sad at the prospect of having to navigate my way through all of it. We don't see her as different or needing any "special" considerations, and it feels like a kick in the gut to be referred to ESD. I know that they provide a range of services and they are there to help, it's just a painful reminder that we have a unique situation.

The alternative is another surgery where they take her middle ear bones out and replace them with a titamium implement to try to impove conductivity. There's no guarantees that it will do anything for her, though, plus we would have more surgeries.

Ho Hum.

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