Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pics - as promised.

Here's the pics that I mentioned yesterday. You can see that her stitches on her tummy are healing nicely, although it is kind of tough to see huge a huge long scar. I know with time it will fade, though. And they're doing such great stuff with scar revision these days if she ever comes to me and tells me that it bothers her, we'll look into it. (Joey...... :)

So, the first pic is right before we left the hotel and started heading home. Ryan was such a trooper through this whole thing - he just went with the flow. We discovered on this trip that he loves trucks. On the way home from San Diego, he was very fussy in the car - except when he could see a truck (commercial-type) on the freeway. It was pretty funny. "Aaah" stop. "AAAAHHHH" stop. "AAAAAHHHH!" Stop.

Not much else to report. Spring break is tough to keep Kelley occupied, but she's having fun with her TV and computer games, and if there's ever a time when you can indulge your kid with TV and computers, it's post surgery, huh?

For your reading pleasure - here is a link about the type of implant that Kelley received - her "new" ear is made of a medical-grade plastic called MedPor. (Eric Peterson, this one's for you.) You can see by the picture that the product is shaped like the cartilage of your ear.

Cheers everyone.

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alin rachmawati said...

hi ... u'r very brave girl ... i have bilateral microtia son, i'm not sure wanna him through the surgery after looking these pictures :)