Wednesday, March 21, 2007

She's baaaaccckkkkk.....

We had an ok night last night. John snuggled with her in the sofa bed last night so that he could take care of her and make certain that she didn't roll over on to her surgery site. I took Ryan duty. She woke up at about 1 am crying in pain. We were nervous to give her any pain relief before she fell asleep earlier in the night because Tylenol with Codeine can exacerbate nausea, and we wanted to make sure that she got hydrated first. So, she woke up crying and scared because she was hurting, and the intubation from the surgery yesterday had irritated her throat so she couldn't breathe real well - her throat hurt. John and I got up, gave her a cracker and some water, and then gave her the pain meds. she fell asleep a little while later, and this morning....voila! She's back to her old self.

In fact, we're already having to try to keep her from running around all over the place. I've bribed her with dessert. Everytime she runs or jumps, she has to wait 10 more minutes for a treat. Not the healthiest, but hey - you do what you have to do, right?

So, we are laying low in the hotel today, doing laundry. Between the Spit Up King himself and Kelley's pukey episodes, we have a few things to wash around here.

I took a few pics of her today - some close ups of her suctions - called Jackson-Pratt suction catheters - and her skin graft site. This was apparently a muscle graft, which is fairly deep. It provided her surgery site with enough blood vessels to give the prosthesis a blood supply.

Thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers.


Kelly Hale said...

This is the coolest thing I've seen on the web. WOW we can read and see photos of Kelley's experience before you come home! So cool. I am so greatful the surgery went well. She looks perky and each day she will get better! Children are so resilient. My jaw surgery near my ears was so painful, I am happy to know she already wants to run and jump, even though your side of that is difficult. Please give her loves from me, Darin and "Big girl Taylor! We look forward to you all coming home. -Kelly

julie said...

If anyone can bounce back with a zippy bounce in her step, it's Kelley! Glad that the night went fairly well, and I hope she gets to have something super yummy for dessert tonight! Thanks for the pics and the updates. - Julie and family

Jodi said...

So glad things are going well!! I didn't want to call and bug you guys, so I love being able to read the updates!!

Ofenlochs said...

Yaaaaay Kelley!!!!! Way to go girl! Keep it up! We are so glad that this is going well.

The Ofenlochs