Thursday, March 15, 2007

Some background while you're waiting......

This is Kelley's "before" picture:

This is commonly referred to as Grade III - a rather severe manifestation of the birth defect. (Called Atresia/Microtia )
This particular birth defect can be indicative of other syndromes - Treacher-Collins Syndrome )
and Hemifacial Microsomia ( ) and Goldenhar Syndrome: ( )

Fortunately, we determined that Kelley's incidence of Atresia/Microtia seemed to be isolated - a random developmental event in utero that caused her ear not to form quite correctly. We feel very fortunate that Kelley was born with her inner ear anatomy - auditory nerve, cochlea, etc all in good function. Her ability to hear on her right side was given to her via a procedure called a canalplasty in July 2006. Her surgeon's name was Joseph Roberson of California Ear Institute in Palo Alto, California. I love these people. Please support them....they have a non-profit branch that brings this awesome surgery to children in countries where medical care is difficult to obtain, and to children in this country who may not have insurance, or are denied the surgery by their insurance carrier: and

Ok, done plugging.

So, we have been anticipating these surgeries since Kelley's birth, and after meeting with doctor's in Portland, I stumbled on a Yahoo message board comprised of parents and individuals who are managing this condition. It was a wonderful connection to make because it has led us to these wonderful doctors. We are currently in Los Angeles seeing Dr. John Reinisch, a reconstructive surgeon who, as we speak, is performing surgery on Kelley to give her a new ear. Here's all about him and his work:

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