Friday, March 23, 2007

Warning about the pics - might be a little yucky....

Sorry for no word yesterday - a few members of the family like the computer. (John. Kelley. Talking to you both.)

Anyway - yesterday we ended up laying low again. As you can see by the pictures, the marcaine pump removal kind of sucked. Kelley was scared (I sure would be) but we tried to play it down. Papa Gene first pulled off the sitcky saran-wrap like stuff that was covering the pump site and her graft donor site. (Her poor little belly button was squished.) Then she started complaining that she had to go to the bathroom. Of course. The worst possible timing in the world. So, my dad - Papa Gene - got everything ready and then pulled the pump catheter out of her tummy. The tears came. Mine would have too. But, the good news is, she didn't cry for very long. We've had hair combing meltdown sessions that lasted longer.

Unfortunately, at this point, the itchies started. Where her head wrap is, the stretchy stuff covering her head in the pictures, are causing her horrible itchies. Her hair is coming out of it and is a total knot. Last night (Thursday) was pretty rough, because she was thrashing about and at one point woke up crying because her head itched so bad.

We got up early this morning and took a road trip to the San Diego Zoo. Awesome zoo. I am in the process of uploading the pictures - along with the Disneyland pics - to a picture site. I'll post the link as soon as I decide where. Kelley did really well today. Her choice of fashion wasn't exactly what I would have chosen (A button-down boys shirt and her Sleeping Beauty nightgown. Yes, nightgown. ) That, coupled with her post-op bandages and the pink safari hat we bought her - lots of looks. Oh well. Screw em. My kid's happy, she thinks she looked fabulous, and she had a good time.

That's an interesting thing, actually - having your child be the object of looks and the "I'm looking but I'm trying really hard not to look but I just can't help it" thought process - mostly by adults. I really appreciated one mom at the zoo today who asked. She said "Did she have brain surgery?" I was given the opportunity to briefly explain why she had a head bandage on. I was grateful. I'd rather explain than try to ignore the people openly staring at my daughter.

More thoughts on Beverly Hills - the Police drive Mercedes M-Class cruisers. Wha? We stopped in a children's store called Bellini. I could buy an outfit for Ryan (4 months old!) for $68.00. It was a t-shirt and pants. John and I got a grown-up dinner last night (thanks Grammy & Papa!) and noticed a woman with her children and the nanny getting in the car. The woman made the nanny sit in the back! Jeez!

Anyway - tomorrow Kelley is getting her dressings changed, and Dr. Reinisch is going to wash her hair. All of us are excited about that. I will post pics and an update tomorrow. We are heading home on Sunday and will be back at the house in the early evening.

Thanks for reading.

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