Friday, March 30, 2007

Hair washing and bandage change

I'll be really glad when the head sock thing can come off. One tip - if you have to wear a bandage like this, invest in some spirit gum. It's a skin-friendly adhesive that you can buy from a costume store - it's what they use in plays and such to put on fake mustaches and whatnot. Not perfect, but it does help.

Kelley got a bath and a hairwashing last night. I'm pretty sure she had the dirtiest feet on the face of the earth. It went fairly well, but her hair was that knotted up mess again from the head bandage. John washed her hair in the sink and combed it out with the conditioner in it - that went better, actually. So, she's all clean, and the ear is starting to look better. The swelling has gone down a little, which was a big relief to us. It's nice to see that it's healing.

Kelley woke up in the middle of the night last night and got in bed with us - all four of us in the bed....and we swore that would never happen. Oh well. Sometime in the night, her head bandage came off, but her ear cup stayed on. It was a relief to see that her hair naturally falls in such a way that the part that was shaved will not show really while it's growing in.

That's all we have to report at the moment. The last picture is a sample of what our poor son Ryan gets to put up with. The pink things on his head are Kelley's Princess iPod (pretend) headphones. Her goofy sensibility is still in tact.


Jodi said...

She looks amazing - we are SO glad she is healing well - and LOVE the smiles!!

Melany aka Supermom said...

She is SUCH a trooper. I'm so happy her ear is healing so well.